In every Indian woman’s heart, the sari occupies a special place. Saree is the traditional wear of Indian women. Silk saris have occupied an important place in the fashion market and today women of different nations, caste and creed have shown their preference in this elegant piece of clothing. India has put forward the world finest collection of silk saris, which are available in a wide assortment of prints and colors, suitable for weddings and any special occasions.

Silk as a fabric is of varied types. Indian is a well known exporter of this fabric. Different regions of India are famous for their silk. Especially South India, where there is the maximum growth of this fabric and a considerable section of population is involved into silk clothing business. Indian Kanchipuram silk sari is world famous. Be it the rearing of silk worms or the weaving of sarees, India has shown its efficiency in producing a wide range of most elegant, beautiful, durable saris. The best quality of the silk, the vibrant and luscious hues, the creative design of the pallus and borders make the Indian silk sarees stand out from the rest. The different varieties of saris are Kanjeevaram or kanchipuram, patola, pat, muga, jamdani, banarasi, samu, butter silk, ikat, paper silk, mysore, khadi silk etc

The beauty of these sarees is further accentuated with zari works, beads, mirrors, zardozi borders, hand embroidery. Each piece of saree is an artistic creation, where the Indian weavers weave magical dreams with intricate artworks from a few strands of silk.

Silk fabric carries an inherent sheen, which make the sarees look a class apart. Though the wedding, party and festival sarees are more of heavy, glittering works, there are plain, simple silk sarees in different colors. These sarees usually have a single border and they are more alluring with fine craftsmanship done on them. Indian Silk Sarees are famous all over the world for their grandeur and the royal look that they exude. They are popular world wide and for every Indian woman, owning a silk saree is a pride. The more the collection, the better it is. For many, the traditional silk sarees are handed over from one generation to another. Indian Silk Sarees in their warm and enriching shades of colors and prints make an Indian woman look her traditional best for any occasion.