Sarees are the national attire of every Indian woman and have an indispensable influence on their life. Also, they are the most well known decision for indian ladies and preferred all the time for their qualities and ethos. Indian ladies pinned ownership for silk sarees.

Especially our Indian sarees are known for their lustrous beauty, designs and colours. No wedding is complete without silk sarees and each saree unique design and pattern.

From ancient times until now Indian sarees are more explored and experimented with. Has been transformed from traditional attire to modern fashion fabric of appeal and Indian sarees are  always on the right note when it comes to fashion and sense. There is no death of traditional varieties and it can be combined with any to give that modern look, also, can be experimented with fusion look. Silk always has a special place in the heart of every Indian woman due to its richness. Pure silk cost range starts from 15000 rupee to touch a lakh and above, are guarded and worn with caution in every step. Silk sarees are to be worn for grand exclusive occasions only. Saree is not just a fashion sense  but has a story in each thread with  emotions of mother to mother and her daughter she will wed off.  India as a  country with a variety of variations offers different types of silk sarees from different communities.

“Banaras saree  owns Indian lady’s heart” 

One of the holiest cities of India is also called the most luxurious textile in the world.  To understand Banaras great textile legacy we need to understand its city. Varanasi is one of the most conspicuous focuses of silk hand-loom weaving in India. Varanasi is also known for its silk tried and true symbol of craftsmanship. Banaras sarees are sustainable due to its richness in weaving and are owned by Indian ladies just during the unique events like weddings and celebrations.

“Queen of Sarees”

The vivid colors and opulence of the heavy kancheepuram silk is iconic. As on its designs inspired from the grand temples and the land it comes from. Few people who wear vibrant kancheepuram sarees realize the designs are based on the city of fine art and how it twinned in these threads through time. Kancheepuram – The Queen of sarees is one of its kind and gives the  feel of elegance,richness,luxury and style. These are just being in the wardrobe and go like apostle of beauty when worn.

“Touch of feather”

From time memory chanderi silk has been considered as an epiderm of elegance, Chanderi fabric is incredibly light in weight and texture, compared to that of a feather and its woven is  with a blend of cotton, silk and zari. Chanderi silk sarees are the one  that evoke festivity and joy with cotton silk makes a splendid drape.

There is a report that Indian silk is traded to around 200 countries and interest is expanding among many countries especially Americans and Europeans are showing more interest. India stands 2nd just to China in silk generation.